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Rice & Ginger | Naruto Reaction

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  1. Let's goooooo.... Thank u
  2. eps 11-12?
  3. 15-16 today?
  4. news episode?
    1. It's been added
  5. the recent episode is not loading
    1. Just download it bro
  6. will upload soon 19-
  7. 27-28 today soon upload?
  8. 27-28?
  9. new eps today??
  10. 29-30 :3
  11. 29-30?
  12. wheres this weeks episodes??
  13. bro when are you gonna upload 29-30???
  14. 35-36 soon???
  15. NEW EPS WHEN??
  16. 37-38 BRO?? SOON
    1. Maybe later because the providers rests for 1 or 2 days
  17. Where are the new episodes?? Why the delay from the past few weeks??
    1. He is in 2d break
  18. i just want to say thank you for these videos took me forever to find a free source to these videos
    1. 👌👌
  19. was just wondering how often is this playlist updated i would guess that is close to when they personally upload themselfs right
    1. Just wait bro, it's still good that he wants to share..
      He also has a life of his own..
  20. I think episode 124 and 125 has a problem audio isn't working for me and video is laggy
    1. For me everything is fine
  21. Will you add shippuden here or make a seperate list of reactions ?
    1. can i get an answer for this ????
    2. Separate page
    3. hello sorry for being annoying but once you upload can u put the link in here please <3
    4. What links? Naruto shippuden? For Naruto Shippuden I will make a new post.
    5. sorry for the confusion i figured out where to find all the other reaction links so that comment of mine was dumb asf ahah
  22. Hi the episode from 1 to 30 the links upload are invalid when i click on the link it takes to a page that says web server down, can you please re-uploaded when you have time and thanks again
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