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Rice & Ginger Naruto Shippuden Reaction

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Thank You All For The Support
Thank You All For The Support
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Thank You All For The Support


  1. Let's go Shippuden!!
  2. hi. if not too much to ask, can you please add boldcast's reaction to fruits basket?
    1. later
  3. can you guys add sort episodes from newest first...
  4. Are you guys busy??? Why is it taking days to upload then the regular upload schedule?
  5. New episodes has been uploaded cant wait for the video 😏
    1. Sorry for the delay, I have a personal problem 🙏.
  6. No problem bro we know you re dowing ur best
  7. New episode 85 86 😁
  8. 86 87*
  9. Good morning sorry to be annoying but is it normal that the last vidéo links dont work yet ?
    1. Is the link working now?
  10. Yes my bad my connexion wasnt working good sorry
    1. No problem 😊
  11. 88 89 incoming 🥰🥰🥰
  12. Hey man where did the reactions go. Nothing has been uploaded since last week.
    1. They haven't uploaded on patreon
    2. They did now its been a week 😉
  13. Oh I see. I haven't been keeping updates with their patreon uploads. Thnks for the info.
    1. No problem 😊
    2. They uploaded
  14. New arc !
  15. When the new episode 90 113 will be uploaded here pls ?
  16. Nikmok publie
  17. Bro stfu
    1. Im not talking to u bro qwd
  18. Nine dude chill your ass out
  19. Im just asking 1 comment pr day is not harrassement and im not talking to u mind ur own buisness nahtchoune yemak
  20. Ya rkhis teya7 l Nas b yemahom zamal nta Machi radjal
    1. Goutlek ma nahdarch m3ak matahdarch m3aya ou khlas roh qwd machi sahbek anaya
  21. Galit Machi mrabi marabawekch waldik ya rkhis, teyah l Nas mor l'écran
  22. Bro why isn't there any upload now 🥲
  23. 3 upload in a row ur a boss
    1. Teyahlo b yemah omba3d 9ol 3lih boss ya rekhis
    2. Nta roh niktaw3ek goutlek ma tahdarch m3aya machi sahbek donc roh qwd
  24. Hey,
    Will u upload the 120 episode only, or the 118-120 upload ?
    Thanks 😉
  25. 123-124 today ?
    1. Available
  26. when the next episodes? Btw thx for all youv done.
  27. Triple episode incoming 🔥
    1. It's finally here, the pain destruction
    2. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  28. latest
    links not working
    1. Fix
  29. The link still not working...
    1. I checked and the link works.
  30. Requesting flexiejayanime Naruto and demon slayer :)
  31. dude what's up with the shippuden uploads.
  32. no uploads?
    1. They haven't uploaded on patreon
  33. Latest links are down
    1. Links work, I've tried it myself
  34. Please upload 245-247
    1. It's been uploaded
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