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The Normies | Bleach Reaction

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Thank You All For The Support
Thank You All For The Support
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  1. Delete my comment my bluetooth earphone was the problem lol
    1. 👌🤣
  2. Will ep12 drop today? tnx for the website
    1. Soon
  3. ep 15 and 16?
  4. When will next episode come
  5. My guy, it has become impossible to watch from adds. If I pause addblocker - it says they are still opened. If I remove entirely addblock, restart browser and everything, there are no links leading to the video.
    1. If you still see this even after turning off AdBlocker then you have to understand that your browser has built-in AdBlocker that's why it's not letting you get past this page . Our Recommendations - Use Chrome always
  6. Nice website!
  7. 17, 18?
  8. hello! can you please add boldcast blue lock reactions here?
    1. Okay later
  9. HI!! could you please add the channel RTTV here when you get the chance, they are one of the biggest reaction channels thanks !!
    1. What anime reaction??
  10. I can't watch Bleach from episode 13 onwards. it's not opening.
    1. Try using a vpn to watch
  11. Where are eps after 55
  12. 56?
    1. Refresh page
  13. Ep57??
  14. There is no link in episode 62 and 63
    1. There's no problem with the link. If you just joined, please watch this first :

      Use Chrome and Turn off your adblock
  15. Please add rt tv reaction of the time o got reincarnated as a slime
    1. Later
  16. Site is not working bro
  17. Bro please add normies cobra kai and karate kid
  18. Please add rt tv mushoku tensei and mirzapur please
  19. Could u please upload Normies kung fu panda reaction
  20. Please upload kungfu panda and how to train your dragon....I really want to see full uncut reaction .....atleast reply if this could be done
    1. It's been posted
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