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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Getting access denied message

Turn off vpn and also turn off adblocker. Many browsers like opera , brave has built-in adblocker so you will get access denied message. Recommendations would be use chrome, but if you are getting on chrome too, just open link to any other browser.. mostlyif you are on android you must have android default browsers or Samsung browsers.

Why so much ads? it's annoying

We use ads in website and link shortner to earn something back, to watch reaction for free you have to put some effort. I know opening ads sometimes felt like annoying but you have to remember you are getting things without paying anything. I can understand you guys but you should understand us too. It's not that hard to bypass these ads. we pay a lot of money to buy this many subsciption for you guys, so we had to use ads to get something back.

How to bypass this ads?

Use any chromium based browser. just cancel the rediect additional tab and close the pop up by pressing cross signs. You can watch this video Click Here . Good luck

Why many Older videos not working?

Majority of our old videos got taken down cause of DMCA strike. We don't have backup for old shows mini. Specially videos that are hosted on videovard, Doodstream and vidyard completely gone.

What is Mini, Cut and Uncut?

Cut- youtube version ( short version due to copyright policy in youtube ). Uncut- full video with timer but no footage of the anime / shows. Mini - we download the uncut and use software to attach episode into it. Basically, it is full video with footage of the show.

Vimeo site says , " because of privacy settings, this video cannot be played "

Use Referer Control Click Here

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