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How To Use Referer Control

  1. Install Yandex Browser (Click Here)
  2. Open the browser and Click This Link – (Referer Control)
  3. Click “add to chrome” from the right hand side
  4. Click on 3 dot option (bottom right)
  5. Scroll down and click on “Extension” then click “More extensions”
  6. Under “From other sources”- you will see Referer Control,make sure the switch is ON (Yellow)
  7. Under Referer Control, Click on “Details” < “Options”
  8. Fillup the site like this (Watch The Video Click Here)

  1. Visit “Chrome Web Store” and  install Referer Control (Click Here)
  2. Watch The Video Now (Click Here)
iPhone (ios)
→ Install Yandex Browser from App Store then follow the tutorial (same as android ). Check above android tutorial

Must ReadIf Your Referer Control Ever Stops Working, change the "" link to "". And if it stops working again, change it back to ""

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